This glossary will be a work in progress. Whenever anyone's confused about terminology that is used, I'll add another entry.

Field Transposition Projector, an important technology which warps the physical rules in a small bubble of given space to accomplish some end, such as propulsion or artificial gravity. See extended description.

Field Transposition Thought-Projector, an inherent version of FTP able to be activated by individuals via their own neurological devices, generally inherited genetically, but having been conferred upon some ancestor by a patron.

A simple way to say anthro humanoid, such as "mod bear" or "mod snake". The convention eventually evolved to include terms like "taurmod" to describe tauroids, and "patchmod" to describe mostly-human configurations such as satyroids and zoocephalics (animal-headed humans). One could also say "the mods" to refer to the collective assortment of nonhuman people.

Stratified Matter
Metals from a second parallel periodic table, largely chemically inert, only 15 elements of Stratified Matter are currently known to exist, the primary use of which is in the manufacture and operation of FTP technology.

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