Valentine Local System


The City of Boone

Bodies of the Envoy System
Body Type Body Name Mass Moons
Star Envoy 3 Sol-
Solid Planet Cavendish 0.2 T0
Solid Planet Berquist 0.2 T0
Solid Planet Tromp 0.6 T1
Habitable Planet Valentine 0.9 T2
Asteroid Belt Kung Belt 0 to 0.01 T-
Solid Planet Boardman 0.3 T0
Gas Giant Mahmoud 260 T6 main, 32 lesser
Double Planet Foster & Digby0.1 T & 0.1 T 0
Diffuse Belt Rimsky Belt 0 to 0.01 T-

Valentine and Satellites
Type Rotation Orbit Gravity
ValentinePlanet22.5h418 d0.96g
WardMoon (large)30h34 d0.41g
Little MikeMoon (small)6h13.7 d0.07g
IOP NelsonCommerce Platform-5.2h-
REDP RampartDefense Platform-7.4h-
Pad-NiOrbital Habitat-22.5h (geostat)-

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