The Story of the Envoy System

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The following is an extremely brief timeline of the events leading up to the founding of the Boone colony on Valentine. Dating convention is to to list either Preceding Arrival, or Genesis Plus (PA or GP), followed by the number of terran standard years elapsed since the arrival of the terran species to the Foldscape.

GP 0: The Big Fold event results in the arrival of humans, mods, and deities in the Foldscape reality.

GP 50: Most of the folded worlds have access to FTL travel.

GP 105: Crius, a successful world in the central systems, begins a particularly impressive program of constructing terraforming ships intended for distant unoccupied systems, selecting appropriate worlds from data preceding the Big Fold.

GP 129: Pallas, a massive terraformer, launches from Crius and arrives in the Envoy system, crewed by eight species of genetically-engineered workers, and a small compliment of human officers to direct and oversee the terraforming process. It sets to work immediately upon arrival.

GP 149: The colony vessel Styx, meant to arrive with industrial capital and a human colony population, fails to arrive. It was destroyed 6 years earlier prior to its completion, as a surprise strike by a hostile alien force had decimated Crius. The Pallas was never notified because its destination had never been publicly disclosed, to avoid a rival power appropriating the world for themselves after terraforming. There was no way for the crew to leave the Envoy system (the stardrive fuel had been consumed by the trip and the terraforming process), so the decision was made to continue the terraforming process and expand terraforming to the large moon Ward until the delayed colony ship could arrive.

GP 193: The last of the human officers dies at the age of 95. The seven engineered worker species, already beset by tensions and distrust after mission-setbacks due to decades of increasingly scarce resources (each species believing that their mission was the most important and deserving of the most resources, of course), fracture apart from one another fully. As the Ksana took control of the Pallas and renamed it the Pad-Ni, they proclaimed that in order to maintain the security of the ship, only Ksana crew would be allowed on board until new orders could be received from Crius. Most of the other races were already living and working in areas best suited to their talents and industry, and so received their displaced brethren.

GP 195-300: The populations of the worker species expand as generations pass, their territories become more distinct, and see the rise of Patron spirits which suit their talents and temperaments.

GP 351: An alien vessel discovers Valentine, and docks itself to the Pad-Ni, beginning a hostile boarding. Despite no training and few combat-related resources, the Ksana mount an effective passive resistance, and the alien takeover is a slow (though inexorable) process. Every faction of terraforming workers mounts an independant assault on the threat, their mistrust for one another nearly leading to ruin. In spite of this, one of them manages to successfully detonate the vessel. Naturally, all eight factions claimed that it was their operation which saved the Pad-Ni and the colony. The complete obliteration of the vessel left very little evidence to corroborate which, if any, of the accounts is correct. Fragments of the vessel littered the continent, impregnated the orbital vessels, and were blasted out to Ward and the asteroid belt.

GP 416: An exploratory vessel from the exploration and trade company Galjoen Gezelschap arrives and stakes a claim to the Envoy System. Upon discovery that Valentine and Ward had already been not only terraformed but also colonized by the AIs of Crius' creation.
In the intersystem disputes courts, a lengthy legal battle began to unfold relating to the ownership of this system, made particularly valuable by a completed terraforming and the discovery that the hull fragments of the alien vessel now scattered through the system were heavily laden with stratified silicon (stratsil), a rare element of extreme value. The AI residents are not consulted on these matters, as most parties do not recognize the AIs as true colonists.

GP 420: An agreement is reached whereby the Concert of Systems will arbitrate ownership of the system between Galjoen Gezelschap, the Lago Administrative Union, Core Systems Outer Colonial Authority (COCA), and the Intercessors. Subsequent negotiations with the local AI populations yield an agreement in which one landside settlement and one orbital settlement will be allowed to take up residence, with the settled population not to exceed 10,000 individuals until further negotiations can be completed

GP 425: The International Orbital Platform Nelson is completed and begins operations above Valentine, while the colony Boone continues to grow, and colonists are brought in with the twofold objective of claiming land to enhance their faction's claim to the world, and to prospect for Stratsil fragments. Many independants come to the frontier simply to take advantage of economic opportunities as various skilled trades are in short supply, and new exotic goods might be found here.

GP 426: FFS narrative begins.