Money on Valentine

Since Envoy is a frontier system without any official government in place, trade is generally conducted using ingots of Stratified Matter Oxygen ("Stox", "Stroxy", "Strat-8"). In cases where large amounts of value need to be transferred, ingots of Strat-10 may be substituted.

Effectively, Strat-8 is playing the role of silver, and Strat-10 is playing the role of gold. Both are mostly chemically inert, and both are important fuels for spacefaring FTP operation.

SubstanceWeight and ShapeCommonplace nameRL approx value (USD)
Strat-81g pellet in center of round steel coin."Speck" or "Fleck"1
Strat-810g octagonal coin"Sliver"10
Strat-8100g circular medallion"Slice"100
Strat-81kg ingot (1x7x14)cm"Ingot" or "8-Bar"1,000
Strat-101kg ingot (1x6x15)cm"Tenner"10,000
Strat-14loose particles"Weight of 14"1,000/g