Money on Valentine

Since Envoy is a frontier system without any official government in place, trade is generally conducted using ingots of Stratified Matter Oxygen ("Stox", "Stroxy", "Strat-8"). In cases where large amounts of value need to be transferred, ingots of Strat-10 may be substituted.

Effectively, Strat-8 is playing the role of silver, and Strat-10 is playing the role of gold. Both are mostly chemically inert, and both are important fuels for spacefaring FTP operation.

SubstanceWeight and ShapeCommonplace nameRL approx value (USD)
Strat-81g pellet in center of round steel coin."Speck" or "Fleck"1
Strat-810g octagonal coin"Sliver" or "Piece of 8"10
Strat-8100g circular medallion"Slice" or "8-ball"100
Strat-81kg ingot (1x7x14)cm"Ingot"1,000
Strat-101kg ingot (1x6x15)cm"Tenner"10,000
Strat-14loose particles"Weight of 14"1,000/g

Non-native characters will generally find that everything costs substantially more than it did "back home", due to the shipping distances and small market size in the Envoy system, as well as the labour shortage and political instability.

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