Frontier of Folded Space is a freeform IRC roleplay setting. It is a space-fantasy which includes themes of adventure, exploration, diplomacy, inter-factional conflict, transformation, technology, culture-clashes, and the supernatural. It is a partially Furry setting, meaning that while many of the characters are human, many are an array of nonhumans, and racial tensions exist between and amongst the former and the latter.

The FFS setting was conceived in its first iteration in 2011, and was described at that time as being "About halfway between Star Fox and Wing Commander" in terms of how it feels and looks. One major aesthetic decision that we made early on was to exclude the possibility of electronic computation in this alternate reality, thus making items physically bulkier and the role of characters more prominent, much in the fashion of 1960s and 1970s sci-fi movies.

The very short summary of this setting is this: On Earth, we figured out how to transmit a signal to an alternate plane of reality which would manifest as physical matter, but this could only be done once for any given reality. For the Neodomus dimension, we used it to conjure a large network of terraforming colonies across multiple worlds, but met with a few unexpected results. For one, the process of transmitting copies of scanned "souls", necessary for the living inhabitants but very difficult to transmit into a physical form) caused an interaction which allowed some of the concepts held within our minds to manifest. These manifestations of the inner workings of our minds were self-aware, and seemed to be a reflection of our collective id. This led some to regard them as demi-gods or holy spirits of a sort, but the most commonly accepted name at the narrative present is 'Patrons'. Created during the transmission from Earth, many of these entities exerted influence upon the coalescing new matter of the colonies and altered the humans and items to suit their aesthetic and ends. On some worlds, this was a benevolent beginning of slightly-altered races, on others it was the spawning of breeds of monsters who would seek to ravage the colonies. In addition to a majority of people needing to adapt to unexpected bodies, all of the colonists had to adapt to a rather different set of physical laws in this new universe which had a major impact on the development of new technologies.

Obviously this is not at all a "hard sci-fi" type of setting, and some suspension of disbelief is expected in order to make the overall aesthetic work. Tropes, cliches, and general "space fantasy bullshit" are encouraged, within the framework of the existing setting.

Our narrative time and place occurs four centuries after the described events, with Earth largely forgotten. Our characters are arriving at a frontier world, already terraformed, but under dubious ownership. Some of the characters may be arriving to support the activities of one of the four major factions vying for ownership of the planet, while others may be coming to prospect for the rare material that this system holds, or seeking fortune and adventure in some other way. Perhaps you're a reporter coming to document as much of it all as you can. Perhaps you're a farmer in search of cheap land and loose laws. Perhaps you're a regular Joe displaced by a religious war and seeking a new world. Perhaps you're being transferred in to man a function on the new space station, with aspirations of working your way up the chain of command. Whatever the case may be, things are bound to get messy on the Frontier.

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