Factions of the Envoy System

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External Factions

Four major entities are attempting to secure a legitimized claim to Valentine, since terraforming a new planet is a process that takes decades at minimum, and both Valentine and its moon Ward have already had the work done, and remain in a legally "unclaimed" state. The presence of valuable Strat-14 has only increased the stakes.

Concert of Systems Envoy Arbiter
Galjoen Gezelschap
The Lago Administrative Union
Core Systems Outer Colonial Authority
The Intercessors

Domestic Factions

The Ksana (Pad-Ni)
The Dukhuznets (New Omsk)
Wardwolves (Ward)
Rangers of Envoy (REDP Rampart)
The Manuia (Marley Islands)
The Cicera (Asvaldr Mountains)
The Medjai (Taemwadjsi Desert)
The Votari (Regana Forests)

International Centres

The City of Boone
IOP Nelson